• oof. Studio

    oof. is the Portland-based creative studio of Savannah Julian and August Miller.

    We specialize in building interactive experiences in collaboration with a wide variety of businesses, organizations, and creative groups who share our commitment to knowledge and opportunity. Our work is often a combination of strategy, design, and development.

  • Cielle Charron

    Cielle is a freelance graphic designer and native Oregonian living and working in Portland. She believes in making things that function intuitively, tell a story, and are nice to look at. Her strengths lie in connecting enthusiastic people to their authentic voice, and crafting brands and print collateral through research and collaboration. She works with small businesses, non-profits, and on passion projects, as well as the occasional corporate client.

  • Michelle Leigh

    Michelle is a designer and illustrator living in Portland, OR. Her favorite projects involve helping people share stories and ideas, finding unexpected connections between subjects, and pop culture. In her spare time she enjoys reading, playing pub quiz, and carving linoleum block prints.